Soaptravel arrived this week in vienna!
A great project started by cocobong.

Look what was inside:
* "DrechWech" Soapgnome from Seifenzwerg, Germany
* "Green Dew" by SenMi Soap Design, Netherlands
* "Jabón Exótico" by Aureana, Spain

It was realy hard to decide wich one i will take. Of course i love green soaps! I think the Gnome is just cute! But what´s inside the brown paperpacked soap that smells so delicious? It´s the soap that traveled just one time. But Spain is far away. And i´m sure if i will ask Andrea (Seifenzwerg) if she will change a Gnome with me, she would do.

So i decided to take Aureanas Soap. It smells so mhmmmm......
I´m sorry i can´t tell you the ingredients, they are written in spanish, and i can´t read a word.

The secound, very hard, desicion is wich soap shall i put inside. I needed to think about it for a while. "Lavender Love" will travel to the next Stop Briny Bar Soap.

Thank you, Julia from cocobong, for that great Idea!

4 Kommentare:

  1. wonderful, bbee :) thanks so much for posting this in english

  2. Liebe bbe,
    natürlich kannst Du auch so einen Zwerg tauschen....Wenn man schon Seife aus fremden Ländern aussuchen kann, dann sollte man das auch tun(;-)
    Liebe Grüße
    vom Zwerg

  3. Your soap is in France. It is the one I choose from the soap Travels box. I love the smell of Lavender love. Thank you.

  4. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.


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